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This can lead to the misconception that "Lnu" is a common Indonesian surname. In some cases "Fnu" will be used as the surname or last name. 1 Lastly, the existing single word name may be duplicated to give a first name and surname such as.

This is because of the Indian cultural influence which came to the archipelago since thousands of years ago during the Indianization of South East Asian kingdoms, and ever since, it is seen as part of the Indonesian culture, especially Javanese, Balinese, and some part of Sumatran culture. Thus, related Hindu or Indian culture in Indonesia is present not only as part of religion, but also culture. As.

Sangirese people from North Sulawesi for example, Mohede, Sahanaya, or Palar. Toraja people from South Sulawesi for example, Batusura, Lumba, Rambulangi, or Manganan. Tribes in the Molucca Islands, for example, Malaiholo, Hehamahua, Sahanaya, or Sahilatua. Tribes in the East Nusa Tenggara, for example, Hurek, Riberu.

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On all other official documents, the child's name would be written as "Yovan Gunardio Darmawan". Polynymic names with patronymic edit The patronymic is usually constructed from the father's name, with the word putra (for males, "son" in Sanskrit ) or putri (for females, "daughter" in.

Naming also differs regionally. Some Javanese, especially those of the old generation have only one name. Bataks have clan names which are used as their surnames. Some Chinese Indonesians have Chinese-style names. In Indonesian telephone directories, names are listed under the first or given name.

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On all other official documents, the child's name would be written as "Hasan Prasetyo". Polynymic names with family name edit If the parents want a family name (or surname) to appear on official documents, the family name should be included on the child's birth certificate.

The birth certificate of an extramarital child would bear only the mother's name. On a school diploma, the child's name would be written as "Hasan, child of Suparman". On all other official documents (ID card, driver's license, and passport only the child's name would appear.


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