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Haddie Braverman edit Haddie Braverman ( Sarah Ramos ) is Adam and Kristina's oldest child. 5 She is 15 in the beginning of the series. She is a straight-A student who plays soccer and has several friends; she aspires to be the quintessential "good girl".

Haddie feels personally responsible since he was only there to pick her up. Alex soon ends the relationship with her even after the charges are dropped because he feels that they are too different. She dedicates the rest of her senior year to school, and.

He has dabbled in various careers, including being a soldier in Vietnam, having graduated from West Point in the class of 1962 (although he is shown telling his grandson Max about going into basic training at Fort Benning, Georgia, which would imply he was enlisted;.

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Family tree edit Blanche Braverman Zeek Braverman Camille Braverman Renee Trussell Kristina Braverman Adam Braverman Seth Holt Sarah Braverman Hank Rizzoli Sandy Rizzoli Joel Graham Julia Braverman- Graham Crosby Braverman Jasmine Trussell Haddie Braverman Max Braverman Nora Braverman Amber Holt Ryan York Drew Holt Ruby.

He is 67 at the start of the series (as he is said to be turning 72 in season 6 making him four years older than his wife, Camille. In the first season, it is revealed that he made a bad investment, causing him and.

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After receiving an offer to re-enter the corporate world, Adam finds his passion in running Chambers Academy after Kristina begins working on opening more schools. Kristina Braverman edit Kristina Anna Nichols Braverman ( Monica Potter ) is Adam's wife, and a source of stability and.

In season one, it is stated that she has been married to Zeek for 46 years. She is 63 when the series begins, meaning she was about 17 when she married Zeek. She was 23 when she had Adam, 25 when she had Sarah, and.

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