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Thus it acts as a "super department" overseeing many others, with some similarities to the Cabinet Office. This concept enables different political themes to be dealt with in the programme, similar to the Department of Administrative Affairs in Yes Minister. 13 Hugh Abbot, played by.

In the fourth season, Glenn Cullen is often seen to complain to Terri and Ollie about Fergus's willingness to throw his lot in with a party whose policies vastly contradicted their own, having left his original party because of disillusionment with their political pragmatism. Perhaps.

Nicola Murray MP is now leader of the opposition, and opposition spin doctor Malcolm Tucker is desperate for a return to power. Even though no mention is made of the words "Labour "Conservative" and "Liberal Democrat it is strongly implied throughout the four series that.

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The mainstream media and general public are commonly portrayed in equally unflattering terms, being portrayed as aggressively hounding politicians and asking awkward, often outrageous questions, or otherwise being discourteous and harsh. Main article: List of The Thick of It episodes Series 1 (2005) Edit In.

11 12 The programme's producer is Adam Tandy, who has produced all of Iannucci's television projects since 2000. The programme is shot with hand-held cameras to give it a sense of vrit or fly-on-the-wall documentary. The documentary style is furthered by the absence of any.

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The Thick of It is a British comedy television series that satirises the inner workings of modern British government. It was first broadcast for two short series on. BBC Four in 2005, initially with a small cast focusing on a government minister, his advisers and.

8 His idea was commissioned by Roly Keating, the controller of BBC Four, who granted Iannucci limited budget, telling him to "turn that into what you can." 9 Iannucci created the first series of three episodes, which aired in MayJune 2005, and a second series.

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