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Click on Norika Fujiwara for videos who is idol Norika Fujiwara? Norika Fujiwara is a japanese idol born in Hyogo on. Her blood type is A, and she is 171 cm tall, Norika's body measurements are: Bust: 88 cm, Waist: 60 cm and Hips: 89.

It contains no nudity. Norika Fujiwara's web photobook index pages Norika Fujiwara's photosets included in this gallery. Bio : Profile Full Name Norika Fujiwara : Nickname Country Code JP City / State Hyogo Birth Date y: 1971 m: 6 d: 28 Blood Type A Weight (kg) 50 Height (cm) 171 Measurements (cm) B: 88 W: 60 H: 89 Photobook Navigation Norika Fujiwara Galleries 425 Photos Norika Fujiwara : Popularity Stats # Pix # Pix Voted # Pix  Good Bad Both # Votes 1151 # Votes: Bad Good 232 919 Girl Gallery Score 2.11 Girl Gallery Hits Trend 82 hits the last 1 days 82 hits the last 1 days UP

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