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51. Al pie de la letra 44m Omar says and does what el Señor orders. Rodrigo is accused of betrayal. Casillas wins under the conspiracy. 52. Traición a la patria? 44m The military executes the search warrant while on the trail of the Rivero crime.

23. Más poder, segura venganza 44m Mónica Robles swears that she will get revenge on Aurelio for taking away her child. The president loses his composure. 24. Robo ciberntico 43m Casillas plans to hack into Rutilas account and withdraw five million dollars. Mónicas business with.

Enmudecen al informante 43m Rutila accepts the fact that Sebastián has chosen his destiny. Rodrigo, Evelyn, and rica are ready to record the president. 49. Contra la pared 44m Rivero transmits a TV message that traps the president. Aurelio has the solution and tells Terán.

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Víctor is furious and thinks about bombing Los Pinos. 4. Tras el pez gordo 45m Sebastián and Salazar are arrested and the DEA will use this to find out more about Aurelio Casillas. Ismael wants to Casillas and Víctor to make up. 5. La fuga.

Tony wants to get closer to Mónica. 46. Rivero firma su sentencia 44m Rivero blackmails the president and tells him he has compromising documents. Omar wants to erase the evidence from the call and contacts Casillas. 47. Rutila en la mira 44m The President asks.

Meanwhile, she has to decide whether or not to face the consequences of her actions. 9. Encuentros decisivos 43m Before Lourdes reappears, ready to avenge Don Feyos death, Casillas takes forceful actions. They trap Esperanza and make her act against Casillas. 10. Esperanza, la informante.

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Ismael interrupts the tense situation. 43. Drones, balas y allanamiento 44m The Navy and the DEA break into Casillass ranch. Aurelio, la Niña, Vitamina, Chatarrero, and Mónica hide. Dalvio hides a truck full of cocaine. 44. Condenados a morir 43m Ismael shows Aurelio a revealing.

6. Nexos con el narcotráfico 46m The president finds out that Felina is arrested and threatens to kill Rivero while hes carrying out his duties if he doesnt leave Casillas alone. 7. Mediadora 43m. Mónica makes a drastic decision that affects her son Isidrito. Casillas.

37. Infeliz encuentro 44m Evelyn and Carla unite to expose Omar. Paloma senses a divorce. Pilar does business with the Arabs. Rutila demands an explanation from Pompeyo. 38. Escándalo a la vista 43m Carla Uzcátegui gets ready to report the presidents connection with the drug.


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