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Miriam McDonald Birth Name Miriam Katherine McDonald Date of Birth. July 26, 1987 (age 31) Place of Birth Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Gender Female Height 5'8" Eye Color Brown Hair Color. Blonde Occupation(s) Actress Miriam McDonald (born on July 26, 1987 in Oakville, Ontario) is a.

She is into Yoga as well as Dance. Her first kiss was with Daniel Clark in the episode White Wedding (2). In 2013, Miriam confirmed that she struggled with an eating disorder during the first few years of Degrassi. She has a passion for real estate. Gallery.

Yorke, having dated him for a short time. She also dated Shane Kippel. She is friends with Nina Dobrev, Cassie Steele and Shenae Grimes and Megan Park. She is also an accomplished dancer, as well as a professional yoga instructor. Trivia Miriam is a Leo.

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System Crash. 2002 winner of a Young Artist Award for Best Ensemble Actor in a TV Series for Degrassi. Nominated again in 2003. In 2004, she played Dawn Gensler in the Lifetime movie. She's Too Young. In 2007, she played the character Willa in feature.

In 2014, she played Harvey in the movie Wolves. Voice overs She is familiar to many as the "Voice of YTV". Episodes of the animated series Jojo's Circus, Ripping Friends, and Pecoca. Lead voice in the animated series Englebert. Personal life In August 2007, Miriam.

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In 2008, she starred in the Lifetime movie. Poison Ivy: The Secret Society (abbrev. "Poison Ivy Society in which she had the starring role of Danielle "Daisy" Brooks. In 2009, she starred in the film Sea Beast playing the role of Carly McKenna. In 2013.

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