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29 As early as 1892, he wrote: "If I had not made magic my constant study I could not have written a single word of my Blake book, nor would The Countess Kathleen ever have come to exist. The mystical life is the centre of.

At first the Yeats children were educated at home. Their mother entertained them with stories and Irish folktales. John provided an erratic education in geography and chemistry, and took William on natural history explorations of the nearby Slough countryside. 12 On, the young poet entered.

Its landscape became, over time, both literally and symbolically, his "country of the heart". So also did its location on the sea; John Yeats stated that "by marriage with a Pollexfen, we have given a tongue to the sea cliffs". 8 The Butler Yeats family.

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The mist-drops hung on the fragrant trees, And in the blossoms hung the bees. We rode in sadness above Lough Lean, For our best were dead on Gavra's green. "The Wanderings of Oisin" is based on the lyrics of the Fenian Cycle of Irish mythology and displays the influence of both Sir Sam).

9 Yeats was raised a member of the Protestant Ascendancy, which was at the time undergoing a crisis of identity. While his family was broadly supportive of the changes Ireland was experiencing, the nationalist revival of the late 19th century directly disadvantaged his heritage, and.

In October 1881, Yeats resumed his education at Dublin's Erasmus Smith High School. His father's studio was nearby and William spent a great deal of time there, where he met many of the city's artists and writers. During this period he started writing poetry, and.

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He collaborated with Edwin Ellis on the first complete edition of William Blake's works, in the process rediscovering a forgotten poem, "Vala, or, the Four Zoas". 27 28 Yeats had a lifelong interest in mysticism, spiritualism, occultism and astrology. He read extensively on the subjects.

Some critics disparaged this aspect of Yeats's work. 31 His first significant poem was "The Island of Statues a fantasy work that took Edmund Spenser and Shelley for its poetic models. The piece was serialized in the Dublin University Review. Yeats wished to include it.

Perhaps better in Latin than in any other subject. Very poor in spelling". 14 Though he had difficulty with mathematics and languages (possibly because he was tone deaf 15 he was fascinated by biology and zoology. In 1879 the family moved to Bedford Park taking.


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