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This needs to be experience was the same as that of my movement. We were new and inexperienced and events kept occurring one after the other which we had to deal with. In doing that, we made mistakes as I told you. I admit it.

23 In 1991 he moved to Cambodia where he began writing for the Far Eastern Economic Review. 24 25 In August 1992 Thayer traveled to Mondulkiri Province and visited the last of the FULRO Montagnard guerrillas who had remained loyal to their former American commanders.

28 29 In April 1994 Thayer participated in (and funded) the Cambodian Kouprey Research Project, a 30,000, two-week, 150 km field survey to find the rare Cambodian bovine known as the kouprey. 30 Thayer later wrote: "After compiling a team of expert jungle trackers, scientists, security.

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6 ofstra University's Department of Journalism and Mass Media Studies in the School of Communication has awarded the Nate Thayer Scholarship to a qualified student with the best foreign story idea. Winners are selected on the basis of scholastic achievement or potential as well as.

Center for Public Integrity 's ICIJ ( International Consortium of Investigative Journalists ) Award for Outstanding International Investigative Reporting in November, 1998. 3 Upon awarding Thayer the ICIJ Award, the judges noted: "He illuminated a page of history that would have been lost to the.

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Despite the fact that ABC provided prominent and repeated credit and generous remuneration for his work, Mr. Thayer initiated a five-year barrage of complaints coupled with repeated demands for more money." 43 In 2002 Thayer sued Koppel and ABC News for 30 million in punitive.

No one believed them. After five years of lying over their radio, there was no reason anyone should take what they say credibly. It was clear to them that they needed an independent, credible witness to show what was happening." 40 Nightline controversy edit According.


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