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Best Actress for her performance in Coquette. 8 The second was in 1975 when she was presented with an. Honorary Academy Award "in recognition of her unique contributions to the film industry and the development of film as an artistic medium". 8 As of 2009.

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Johns, 1981 11 Contents Short films edit Biograph (1909) edit Mary Pickford began working for the American Mutoscope and Biograph Company in April 1909 and remained with the company until the end of 1910. 12 13 During this period Pickford made 43 films released in.

3. After appearing in over 150 short films during her years with these studios she began working in features with. Zukor 's Famous Players Film Company, a studio which eventually became part of. Paramount Pictures. By 1916 Pickford's popularity had climbed to the point that.

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10 Unless otherwise referenced, the information presented here is derived from the web site of the American Film Institute, the filmography prepared by Library of Congress historian Christel Schmidt, and the books Mary Pickford Rediscovered by Kevin Brownlow, Mary Pickford: From Here to Hollywood by.

Griffith September 6, or The Hessian Renegades Yes A member of the soldier's family D.W. Griffith September 13, 1909 Getting Even Yes Yes Miss Lucy D.W. Griffith Split-reel September 16, 1909 The Broken Locket Yes Ruth King D.W. Griffith September 20, 1909 In Old Kentucky.

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