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CARDBOARD and PAPER RECYCLE : Phone books, newspapers, magazines and inserts, catalogs, paperback books, discarded mail, cereal boxes, soft drink cartons, cardboard, paper and grayboard (cereal boxes, etc.). COLLECTION : Remove inner materials and flatten. Flatten corrugated cardboard and reduce to 24 widths. NONRECYCLABLE.

The City of Johnson City has adjusted the types of plastics it collects curbside and at drop-off sites to align with the requirements of a new recycling vendor. The change in vendors occurred in mid-March following the closure of Tri-Cities Waste Paper, which previously bought.

Recycling Guide PLASTICS RECYCLE : Milk jugs, water bottles, juice containers, soda bottles, laundry detergent containers, fabric softener containers, bleach bottles and windshield solvent bottles. All items must have a plastic code of 1 or 2. COLLECTION : Empty contents, rinse and crush; remove lid.

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Thankfully while other municipalities across the country have had to stop recycling plastic altogether the way in which we collect has allowed us to make adjustments and keep the majority of the types of plastics we collect in the recycling stream. Residents can help ensure.

All other containers, even those marked with a 1 or 2, will not be accepted and must be placed in the trash. The new guidelines apply to both curbside and drop-off sites. In Fiscal Year 2018, the City of Johnson City collected and recycled about.

The City also recycled 640 tons of glass, 309 tons of plastic and 31 tons of aluminum. The remaining tonnage came from garbage carts, scrap metal, batteries, e-waste, and oil. Being diligent about recycling the other items we accept especially paper and cardboard is a.

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GLASS RECYCLE : Clear, green and brown glass. COLLECTION : Empty contents and rinse; remove lid. NONRECYCLABLE : Light bulbs, plate glass, mirrors, and drinking glasses. To learn more about the Citys recycling efforts and how to prepare items for collection, visit p CONTACT : Phil Pindzola, director Public Works #.

We are hopeful that we will be able to expand our plastics collection at a later date, Pindzola said. Until then, we are asking our citizens to pay extra attention to the plastics they are placing in the recycle bin. The new list of accepted.

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