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Miami and the Keys. Lonely Planet. p. 72. ISBN. Retrieved b Pedersen, Stephanie (30 November 2004). Bra: a thousand years of style, support and seduction. David Charles. p. 50. ISBN -9. Retrieved b c d Urmee Khan. "Liz Hurley 'safety pin' dress voted the greatest dress". The.

12 The exhibition included the famous black dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in the 1963 movie Charade, as part of the Harrods Timeless Luxury promotion. In 2012, pop singer Lady Gaga wore the dress to meet Donatella Versace in Milan. 13 Gaga promoted Versace by.

The Telegraph. Telegraph Media Group. 9 September 2014. Retrieved 25 February 2016).

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3 6 9 Hurley has also been credited for making the Versace fashion brand a household name. 4 10 The brand has since, with its omnipresent Medusa -head logo, "defined the paradoxes of a controversial, new-generation feminism which celebrates empowerment in the act of attracting.

19 September 2007. Retrieved "Lady Gaga dares to wear That Dress", m, teer, Deirdre Clancy (April 2009). The 1980s and 1990s. Infobase Publishing. p. 46. ISBN. Retrieved 'Epiro, Peter; Pinkowish, Mary Desmond. Sprezzatura: 50 ways Italian genius shaped the world. Anchor Books. ISBN 9-9. Retrieved Bruzzi.

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3 6 Contents The black dress was made from pieces of silk and lycra fabric, with oversized gold safety pins placed at "strategical places". 7 The dress was wide open at the front, from the neck down to at least halfway across the bosom, with.

ISBN 3-3. Retrieved b c White, Nicola; Griffiths, Ian (2000). The fashion business: theory, practice, image. Berg Publishers. p. 16. ISBN. Retrieved b Saren, Michael. Marketing graffiti: the view from the street. Butterworth-Heinemann. p. 226. ISBN -9. Retrieved McRobbie, Angela. British fashion design: rag trade or image.

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