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Ted Smiths assertion in the Memphis. Commercial-Appeal that Judy Tylers body was severed by the impact continues to feed a belief over 50 years later that her body was cut in two. None of the other stories that appeared in the national press at the.

Youthful Miss Tylers death is a real loss, Harford judged, for she was a talented, fresh-looking beauty who probably would have done extremely well in the movies. Alan Ha.

Her only memorable line came early on after Vince Everett smashed his guitar on a table in the Florida Club. When Vince asked Peggy why she was interested in him, she responded, I like the way you swing a guitar. Since Tyler was dressed conservatively.

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According to Lamar Fike, however, Elvis was able to put the tragedy behind him. It really upset him. He broke down and cried Elvis couldnt get over it. He gave an interview to the. Commercial-Appeal saying he didnt think he could stand to ever watch.

Since she was dead by then, the writers apparently saw no need to analyze her work in detail, and so usually provided only passing remarks. Following are some of references to Tyler in the initial reviews of Jailhouse Rock. Star receives good support, Miss Tylerkilled.

Elvis wept upon learning of Tylers death. George Klein says hell never forget when Elvis knocked on his door early one morning in 1957. He said, Ive got some bad news. Judy Tyler just got killed in a car wreck. So we drove around Memphis.

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And he took it pretty tough. Nothing has hurt me as bad in my life, Elvis told reporter Smith later that day. I remember the last night I saw them. They were leaving on a trip. Even remember what she was wearing. All of us.

Los Angeles Herald Express Although she isnt allotted one single note here, Miss Tyler is the lovely little brunette from Broadways Pipe Dream, tragically killed after making her film debut. The New York Times The lost future of Judy Tyler While Elvis Presley fans will.

In Memphis on October 17, 1957, actress Judy Tyler made her official entry into the world of Elvis Presley. Twenty-six minutes into the premiere of. Jailhouse Rock, she walked into a Los Angeles bar and sat down on a stool next to Presley. Awkward glances.

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