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She was seen in the well-liked 1992 series, Friends in an episode: The One With the Blackout as. Jill Goodacre. She also appeared in few video in her husband song and was seen in the exercise video with Sugar Ray Leonard. On Television she appeared.

By MyHowBook Team Published On: Date of Birth. Nationality American Profession Model, Actress Ethnicity White. Marital Status Married Married to Harry Connick, Jr Children 3. Height 58 Weight 55 kg Measurements Jill Goodacre was born in Ludbock, Texas in March 29, 1965 to land agent.

She has maintain and shaped up her body by doing daily exercise weighing 55 kg.  Her body measurement is and does not look fat in any wear. She wears nine sizes shoes on her feet. Jill was one of the hot and sexy model of her era. She has spends most of her life modeling. She can be followed in twitter and can be searched in wiki.

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She was the first model of Victorias Secret to have family in America. She is considering as the Queen Mother for all Victorias Secret Model. She was the face for various magazines like Cosmopolitan, Self, Harpers Bazaar, YN and Sassy. She is well educated person.

Gill got married to singer named Harry Connick Jr. in 1994. She is living healthy relationship with her husband and has not divorced till now. She has three daughters: Georgia Tatom, born on April 17, 1996, Sarah Kate, born on September 12, 1997 and Charlotte.

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She is an actress as well as a model. Jill was one the main model of Victorias Secret in 1980s and early 1990s. She modeled for the primary lingerie and hosiery and widely appeared in the catalogs. Jill and her friends, Stephanie Seymour and Frederique.

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