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She left the show along with her on-screen partner in 2007. 6 She had a number of television roles following her departure before landing the role of Jessica Harrison in Casualty, in January 2008. Kearney left Casualty in February 2010, but returned briefly to tie.

It was produced by Wall to Wall for BBC One originally airing in 1999 before being adapted into a successful stage musical. In 2002, Kearney landed the role of June Forsyte in the ITV1 adaptation of John Galsworthy 's classic novel The Forsyte Saga. She.

Kearney landed the role of Debbie McGrath, the girlfriend of Damon Grant, played by Simon O'Brien. When O'Brien decided to leave Brookside, he requested that his character be killed off so he wouldn't be tempted to return to the show. Because Damon was so popular.

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Gillian Louise Kearney 1 (born in Liverpool ) is an English actress best known for her early role as. Debbie McGrath in Channel 4 's Liverpool-based soap opera Brookside and the spin-off mini-series Damon and Debbie, and for playing Jessica Harrison in the long-running. BBC.

Kearney has received critical acclaim for her performance, 7 particularly when it came to the "No Return" week which saw the character hold James hostage and cause a huge crash that endangered the lives of seven Emmerdale residents; after Emma accidentally pushed James off the.

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Moira Leigh BBC Northern Ireland References edit a b Birth Registration (Retrieved ) "Saint Benedict's College history". Archived from the original on 11 February 2010. Retrieved Jones, Catherine; "We've got talent! 25m Culture project launched",.uk, 23 September 2008. Retrieved Plunkett, Jon; "Brookside: the highs., Duncan Lindsay for.

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