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He is still championing Australia around the globe, always dipping into his slush fund whilst suffering from permanent jetlag. Mike probes our hero and learns that Sir Les will indeed be attending the Royal Wedding at St. Pauls Abbey, which seems to indicate the wedding.

With news of Sir Les being practically non-existent, its thanks to. user iano444 for uploading an interview with Mike Parkinson. Apart from circa 1985 in the title theres no other description. It must have been a show that Mike did down-under as the other.

And his best friends are aware that hes got piles of charm, pazazz and british spunk and phlegm. Of TV interviewers hes the gem. He could interview a Zulu or Iraqi and make it interesting. His name is Parky This bloke can conjure laughter and.

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The best was saved until last and this beautiful: Ode to Parky by Sir Les Theres a bloke whos keenly watched and widely read. Who always hits the nail on the head. In the UK he started his career. Now hes hit the jackpot over.

The TV critics here are chippy guys. Theyll try to chop old Parky down to size. A few might say, Go back where youve come from. We wont be taught charisma by a pom. But he knows the average Aussie journalist. Is following orders, jealous.

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Raise your glass of lager, rum or Saki. And drink to my old cobber. Dear old Parky Brings a tear to the eye doesnt it.

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