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It is easy to find the same geometric patterns in woven baskets as well as in prints and patterns seen in textiles and quilts. Basic traditional quilt blocks are not limited to quilts, but they are also found on walls and windows of forts and.

For the first time, I connected my roots and quilting. The Quilts of Gees Bend were simple, utilitarian quilts made for everyday life, from everyday materials, the same as Godharis from India. I discovered a connection between the two cultures. During the past 29 years.

It is next to impossible to escape colors when you are in India. If you were born and raised there like me, colors are going to stay with you for rest of your life. At least that is how I see it. Whether it is.

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Once that happens, I lose interest in finishing that project. I am usually drawn to textures, patterns, imperfections and irregularities of handmade crafts. As much as I like traditional quilts, the accuracy required in cutting and piecing a quilt top is unappealing. After seeing the.

They keep me engaged till the last stitch. What was the most surprising or challenging part of the book-writing process for you? The most rewarding part? Well, I realized writing a book is not as easy as making the quilts. I could come up with.

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Dont forget to leave a comment at the end for your chance to win a copy of her new book. Sujata, can you tell us the story of how your decided to take your ideas on world-culture-inspired quilts and write a book? Up until 2002.

Whether it was six yards of beautiful print in a sari or the streamers made from fabrics over the walkway to a temple, woven fabrics or beautiful silks, colors and prints were part of my daily life. I think it has everything to do with.

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