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We have just purchased our new "Iron Giraffe" - a PAT 501 rig. What kind of pump is on the wells? We use the India Mark II, which is the most widely used hand pump in the world. A Long Walk to Water How can.

Operations Where does WFSS drill? WFSS currently drills mostly in remote villages in the Bahr el Ghazal region of South Sudan. How much does it cost to drill a well? Currently, the full cost to drill a well is 15,000. This cost is determined by.

WFSS consults with the Government of South Sudan, and local county governments, to determine the general areas in which we will drill. The final decision is made by the county commissioner in consultation with the village chiefs in each area. How deep do you have.

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Given Salvas popularity with so many students reading. A Long Walk to Water, we receive many, many requests for Salva to visit or Skype with students. We are sorry to say that Salva is not able to make individual school visits or Skype calls.  Salva lives.

How are the wells maintained? The villagers choose two people to be in charge of the well. WFSS then trains them how to maintain and repair the wells. How much water can a well produce? The pumps we use can produce 15 Liters (4 Gallons).

Where does the water for the well come from? There is a deep underground aquifer that is refilled each year by rain. This aquifer does not run out during the dry season and ensures that villagers have a consistent source of water year-round. The depth.

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Dau tells it quietly, in fast, simple prose true to the young teen's viewpoint. There is also a Sundance award winning film by the same title featuring John Bul Dau. Additional Information Media Library Salva TEDx Talk I Kept Walking A Long Walk to Water Book Reviews.

If your school is interested in learning more about. A Long Walk to Water, she strongly recommends a skype or a visit from author/illustrator Jim Averbeck. Jim knows all about Salva's story because he illustrated the original version, which appeared as a newspaper serial. He's.

Please download the speaker request form for more information. An honorarium may apply. We would like to donate money to Water for South Sudan, or help in other ways. How can we do that? Its great that you want to help! Click here to find.

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